Exonetik redefines human-machine interaction. Our disruptive magnetorheological fluid actuator systems enable our partners to quickly bring to market reliable game changing products with unprecedented functions and dynamic performance.

Over the past years, Exonetik’s team members have been working with industry leaders to solve motion control control challenges to this day impossible with conventional actuator technologies. We are highly trained and passionate about developing and supporting cutting edge actuator solutions. We wake up every day, excited to extend human interaction capabilities with the physical world through our unique actuator technology and impress our partners with our professionalism.


Our team of skilled professionals fuels the company with ideas that bring actuation technology to a new level.

Careers at Exonetik

An experienced team of professionals supports our capabilities with leading edge design solutions. We currently have the open following positions:

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Test & Integration Manager


For spontaneous application, please send your resume at hr@exonetik.com


Exonetik’s disruptive technology leverages magnetorheological fluid actuator systems, enabling its partners to bring to market innovative products with unprecedented functions and dynamic performance, quickly, reliably, and intelligently.

Spontaneous Application

We are always eager to meet new talents! Please submit your application at hr@exonetik.com


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