Our Company

We design, develop and manufacture magnetorheological actuators and inside-out ceramic turbines that originated from scientific research carried out by Université de Sherbrooke.


To free devices from their mechanical limits to make the impossible possible.


For every human being to benefit from an Exonetik technology everyday.


Get off the beaten tracks - Exceed expectations - Uplift one another

Our Partnership Approach

Product Co-development

Focus on fundamental principles to deliver long-term added value and technological leadership to our partners.

1- Need Identification

We identify the product requirements with our partner.

2- Solution Recommendations

We recommend a solution that fulfills our partner’s requirements.

3- Design & Development

Our design and simulation capabilities allow us to quickly transform ideas into prototypes with the highest reliability and performance.

4- Transition Toward Commercialisation

We work with our partner to industrialize the product that will be manufactured in their facilities or we directly manufacture them in-house.

5- Technological Support 

Our team supports our partners to ensure full satisfaction.

Our Experts

Over the past years, Exonetik’s team members have been working with industry leaders to solve motion control and power challenges. We are highly trained and passionate about developing and supporting cutting-edge solutions.

Jean-Sébastien Plante

CTO & CO-FOUNDER - Jean-Sébastien leads Canada's Research Chair on smart-fluid actuators and Exonetik’s R&D activities on new actuation and engine technologies, an expertise developed at MIT and UdeS.

Pascal Larose

CEO & CO-FOUNDER - Pascal, a seasoned engineer and experienced entrepreneur, is propeling Exonetik as the international leader in human-machine interactions.

Guifré Julio

LEAD MECHANICAL ENGINEER & CO-FOUNDER- Guifré’s technical expertise managing highly complex projects is crucial for reliable product delivery.

Marc Denninger

LEAD MECHANICAL ANALYST & CO-FOUNDER - Marc has an advanced level of knowledge of magnetorheological fluid actuators, in terms of design, manufacture and operation.

Brigitte Fortin

HR & ADMINISTRATION COORDINATOR - Brigitte has knowledge of the admin and human resources mechanisms to maximize the company performance.

Mathieu Vinette

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - Coordinating various operations, Mathieu facilitates new product development while ensuring they meet customers’ needs.

Catherine Véronneau

PROJECT MANAGER - Catherine is pursuing doctoral studies in robotics in close partnership with Exonetik.

Patrick Chouinard

PROJECT MANAGER - During his post-dostoral studies, Patrick has developed an expertise in designing and controlling electromechanical actuators.

François Lessard

ELECTRICAL ENGINEER - Expert in electronic and electro-mechanical product development, François stands out by his accuracy and methodology.

Olivier Lussier

JR MECHANICAL ENGINEER - Expert in designing complex mechanical systems, Olivier is also an outstanding resource for everything related to mechanical assembly.

Mathieu Lord

TEST ENGINEER - Mathieu has an extensive knowhow in testing and validating products.

Claude Camire

ELECTRONIC ENGINEER - Claude has practical experience in software development, embedded programming and analog electronics.

Jérôme Marchand

ELECTRONIC DESIGNER - Jérôme is a hardware designer expert in bringing any electronics project from user specifications to manufacturing products.

Jean-Philippe Lucking Bigué

PROJECT MANAGER - After fundamental post-doctoral studies of the MR fluid, J-P applies his knowledge to product development.

Carlos Licea

PROJECT MANAGER - Carlos specializes in electrical circuit design for research and development projects.

Jérôme Turcotte

PROJECT MANAGER - Jérôme specializes in system control and modelization using MR actuators for the automotive sector.

Jonathan Nadeau

TEST ENGINEER - With a background in both electical and mechanical engineering, Jonathan is able to test our mechatronics systems.

Vincent Veilleux

PROJECT MANAGER - Vincent's experience in programming and developing embedded systems makes him an important asset for the team.


MECHANICAL ENGINEER - Benoit has a varied experience covering design, testing, calibration & certification to meet industry standards.


PROJECT MANAGER - William specializes in mechanical conception of MR actuators for the automotive sector.

Louis-Philippe Jean

JR MECHANICAL ENGINEER - Louis-Philippe is a key resource in mechanical design and testing.