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Create and commercialize actuation systems that revolutionize human-machine interactions.

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Driven to eliminate the mechanical limits of conventional actuators, we work with multinationals to integrate our mechatronics systems into their product lines. Our team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers can provide fully-packaged embedded solutions.

Exonetik customized magnetorheological (MR) actuators enable novel functionalities to satisfy unmet customer needs.

These game-changing actuators offer a unique combination of force-density, high bandwidth, superior back-drivability, low cost and aerospace-level reliability.

Introducing Exonetik MR fluid actuators

Exonetik provides custom linear or rotary actuator systems with outstanding performance and reliability without the usual design trade-offs associated with conventional hydraulic or electric motors.

A MR actuator is essentially composed of a gear motor and MR clutches. The electric current supplied to the clutch modifies the magnetic field which changes the apparent fluid viscosity. When maintained in slippage, MR clutches decouple the dynamic behavior of the gear motors from the output resulting in actuators with: (1) high torque resolution as an actuator has low reflected inertia and negligible non-linear effects (e.g. cogging, backlash) and (2) low weight as loads generated by the gear motor can be shared between multiple outputs.


  • High force density
  • High quality of force
  • Highly reliable
  • Safe
  • Affordable
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''Exonetik is a partner and collaborator of choice in research and innovation. Its team demonstrated excellence and technological leadership in generating creative ideas and demonstrating innovative concepts in a highly regulated and competitive field. The competence and the technical knowhow of its team members in addition to their desire to add value in responding to the aeronautic industry needs allowed the emergence of very promising prototypes and technological demonstrators for which we pursue our investments.''
Michel Dion, Innovation Lead
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada

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