COmbined heat and power

turbines Cogeneration

Having the potential to obtain up to 90% in energy efficiency when used in co-generation, Exonetik’s inside-out ceramic turbine provides more electricity than diesel generator while its thermal energy may be recuperated to heat buildings, resulting in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It also offers the advantage of being fuel-agnostic (synthetic fuel, bioethanol, biofuel, etc.), making it possible to be carbon-neutral.


Up to 5kW/kg and up to 50% thermal efficiency.

Up to 50% efficiency in a recuperated cycle.

Operates on liquid fuel, biofuel, natural gas, hydrogen and propane.

Service only once a year.

Low cost molded ceramic turbine blades without complex cooling features.

Faster payback thanks to lower operating costs.


  • Buildings
  • Plants
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Relocatable Structures

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