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While some work is being done to increase battery efficiency, hybrid trucks is the most sustainable solution in the next 20 years for long range routes. A hybrid truck consumes up to ~50% less diesel fuel/CO2, which can become even more efficient with an Inside-out ceramic turbine (ICT) range extender. 

The ICT range extender could reduce by roughly 60% the weight of the power source over a diesel counterpart and could increase by 10% the attainable range with the same amount of fuel (compared to hybrid diesel/electric), thanks to improved efficiency.


Up to 30% COreduction using natural gas.

Up to 5kW/kg and up to 50% thermal efficiency.

Foreign object damage resistant and designed to meet turbine reliability levels.

Service only once a year.

Low cost molded ceramic turbine blades without complex cooling features.

Replacing Diesel by low cost fuels such as natural gas results in 20% fuel savings.

applications in the low megawatt range

  • Hybrid Trucks
  • Hybrid Pickups
  • Trains
  • Boats

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